An incredible Funnel & Graphic Support Package
With Dawni Baxter & Kerry Moorse your Tech and Design duo
Including as a start: live tech implementation sessions, trainings, templates and of course our general wonderful support!


Just £147 paid in full for the whole 4 months!

4x £38 monthly payment plan

The Leads Lab is our incredible creation where you get full support to start and build upon your list building (and launching!) journey.

 Your social and freebie…SORTED

with freebie edits, templates and trainings for:
social media  | freebies |tripwire ebook| planners | graphics

That tech stuff…SOLVED

websites | funnels | courses | memberships | launches | payment systems | emails and more

Kerry Moorse

Tech and Launch Partner to Coaches & Creatives

The  Tech Accelerator
With Kerry Moorse


 Keep Your funnelling going!
  • Tech In Group Questions

    Ask all of your questions and I will be onhand to answer them – STOP endlessly googling/panicing or getting tech-frustration

  • Ongoing lives and trainings.

    Monthly Funnel training to get you up to speed with what you should and shouldn’t be doing to grow. Request the training you would like us to create! – We already have a small library for your funnels to keep up uplevelling and making more

  • Implementation sessions 

    GOLD DUST! Live sessions where I jump on with you all and help you WHILST you are working on your tech. When you have a techy on hand AND a group of determined people, it is hard to get distracted! This seriously works for my clients who just need a presence to focus on creating funnel magic. 


Your Social Growth (and design hub) with Dawni Baxter

Keep your group and visibility going!
  • Your Freebie Edits

    We know your funnels will always need tweaking so as part of the lab you will get one amendment sheet per month of your P4P freebie already designed by Dawnie. 

  • Graphics and templates!

    The thought of designing to get visible slowing you down? Check out our template library!
    Canva Editable templates include: Opt in freebie designs, social media templates, useable graphics, trip wire e- book template, planner templates.


  • Trainings!

    We will get you set to make sure you CAN do this!
    Canva support & tips to help you learn how to make your own assets.
    PLUS  training on the theory of attraction selling and using opt ins for funnels.

  • Discounts!

    Need some extra design work? As part of our lab, you will get discounts on any work from Dawnie!

Dawni Baxter

Social Media Growth & Content Queen!

Ready? We will be releasing this pretty soon, but before we do, we need to know if enough people need our help
– so please register your interest by joining the waitlist!


The LEADS LAB will be a 4-month support hub with both Kerry Moorse and Dawnie on-hand for your tech and graphic needs, to make sure your leads building continues



Just £147 paid in full for the whole 4 months!

4x £38 monthly payment plan

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